Grand Chain ~ La Russe/Le Grand ChainFAIRGREEN CEILIDH

About Fairgreen Ceilidh

A lively, energetic 4 piece ceilidh/barndance band featuring fantastic fiddle & recorder/whistle/clarinet players with caller/guitar/mandolin & bass guitar.

We just want to give your guests the best fun & frolic on the dancefloor.


Brilliant for weddings, parties, festivals, corporate and outdoor events.


We say no to dreary folk tunes! We only use carefully selected, catchy, material - from the footstompin' to the majestic - and then marry them to a mixture of rip-roaring, elegant and sometimes quite silly social dance!


As each celebration is different we tailor our set to get the best out of your guests; guaranteed to bring all the generations together.

The band is self-contained and comes with it's own quality PA system, lighting & caller.


All we need is a space (3m x 9m if possible) to play on (a stage is great but not essential), a power supply and small table for equipment. It takes us about 60 to 90 minutes to set up and be ready to go.




Inclusive packages: all day/ceilidh/disco - perfect if you need background music, microphones for speeches through the day and a cost effective post ceilidh disco & lights combination in the evening.

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